Grand Excelsior Hotel is a 4-star brand under the Mohammad Omar Bin Haider Holding Group. The hotels comprises more than 880 rooms, including Deluxe Rooms to the Royal Suites. All the hotels are located in the prime locations of Dubai, connected to various prime tourist destinations and shopping centers. We believe in keeping customer trust and comfort above anything. Our hotels not only have luxurious rooms but also have various amenities like a gym, spa, sauna, Clubs, Bars, and more. We try to provide top-notch treatment and comfort to our customers. 

Hotels committed under the Grand Excelsior Hotel are determined to improve their environmental sustainability routine. With forever protecting and nurturing our people in every way possible, our hotel identifies and refines existing policies following various standards, legislation, and benchmarking. We follow the benchmarks set by DTCM, a leading source of the most suitable environmental traditions, to achieve such great heights.

The hotels’ benchmarks and resource consumption effectively identify operational performance and make all efforts to lower the environmental impact caused by the regular operation. According to the standards, we promise to reduce energy, water, and other non-renewable resource consumption, reduce waste, increase recycling and raise the use of environmentally friendly and renewable products and services.

MOBH Hospitality Group focuses on engaging our guests to join our green journey. With access to a large amount of information on our company’s Internet site, we can benchmark and inspire other hotels and companies worldwide.

Green Initiatives in the Hotel

  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Recycle paper/metal/plastic/glass
  • Recycle amenities (body wash/ shampoo/ conditioner)
  • Products and services of local origin are preferred
  • Organic food and beverage options, when requested

Environmental Commitments

  • Exploring ways to minimize energy, water, and raw materials use.
  • Comply with local and national government environmental legislation, plans and policies.
  • Encourage our colleagues to join and support our group-wide internal Green Team.
  • Provide our colleagues with training and resources to meet our environmental objectives.
  • Engage our customers, suppliers, and partners in our efforts to protect the environment.
  • Focus on ecological considerations in operational practices to prevent and control pollution properly.